DIY - Bottle Bird Feeder

Emptied and cleaned bottled water or juice bottle
Two short twigs
Scissors or Exacto knife (at the least, with parent supervision).

1. Peel off wrapper if desired.
2. Cut four seed holes around bottom of bottle. For this feeder, the birds will hang upside down from their perches to reach the seeds-amazing to watch! Make sure to cut the holes small enough that seed will not pour out; determine hole size by what kind of birds and thus what seed you will use.
3. Cut four larger holes about 2" to 3" directly above the seed holes. Slide the twigs through these for perches.
4. Fill will seed and hang up using any method you wish. So that your feeder will hang straight, we suggest punching a hole in the cap, tying a knot in some string, and threading the unknotted end through to be tied to a branch.
5. Set out and enjoy!

This craft can be done on a larger scale with more perches with, for example, a 2-liter pop bottle.


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