Selecting a Garden Birdfeeder

Adding a garden birdfeeder is a great way to attract birds into your yard. In suburban areas where birds’ natural habitat has been removed to make way for houses, finding food can be a challenge, but with a little foresight, you can help to provide some of their dietary needs while bringing the tranquility and natural feel to your yard that plenty of feeding birds can bring.

Even for people who live in cities, a birdfeeder can still bring bird visitors to your window or balcony.

During winter, foraging for food in a dwindling natural environment means many birds are venturing into suburbia seeking alternative food sources. This is where your garden bird feeder can help – especially in winter when food is scarce.

Different birds will be attracted to different types of food and even varying birdfeeder sizes. There are so many different bird feeders available that it’s often hard to know which one is the right one for your yard.

Birds like easy access to their food, so try to choose bird feeders with wide food dishes. This not only allows birds to get into their food quickly, but it also means several birds could be feeding at the same time.

Birds find their feeding sources by being attracted not only to the sight of food in plain view, but also by the sight of other birds eating, so be sure to mount your garden bird feeder in full view. You should try to elevate your bird feeder away from easy reach of cats and predators, but still be sure it’s reachable so you can clean it when necessary.

A tray birdfeeder can be hung from tree branches or from overhanging eaves of your home. These are easy to fill and easy for birds to access safely. Make sure to choose a bird feeder with a perch or a ledge so birds can grip as they eat.

The best part about a garden birdfeeder is that once you establish a larger birdfeeder, you’re free to set up several smaller bird feeders in different spots around your yard to attract smaller birds who don’t like to eat around much larger competition.

You might try a few different types of garden birdfeeders to appeal to several varieties of birds. A tray birdfeeder is great for some types of birds, but perhaps adding a tubular shaped wire-mesh feeder to appeal to smaller birds. These types of bird feeders are great for larger seeds or nuts.

If you prefer to offer your bird visitors finer birdseed, then a tube bird feeder is a great option. Hummingbirds are a great addition to any garden, but they won’t be enticed by regular bird feeders. If you don’t have the room to plant nectar producing plants that hummingbirds love, then you could put up a nectar feeder to bring them into your yard instead.

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